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The Keys To Work-Life Balance – Petty
The Keys To Work-Life Balance

The Keys To Work-Life Balance

In The New Career Economy, working a standard 9-5 no longer comprises clocking in 40 hours a week. Many times employees put in many extra hours to try and stand out and get ahead in their careers. Working overtime, often without being paid for the extra hours, causes many of these individuals to fall victim to Battered Career Syndrome and wishing for a more flexible schedule. In fact, U.S. News & World reported on a 2015 Super Study that found 97 percent of Americans said that the ability to work flexible hours would positively impact their quality of life.

Many individuals who understand the benefits of business ownership choose to make the switch from Employment to Empowerment® to gain better control of their careers and sense of work-life balance. Today,  why many entrepreneurial-minded individuals are looking to become self-sufficient by no longer relying on the job market, but by entering the path of entrepreneurship instead.

Franchising Ideal for Achieving Work-Life Balance
Business ownership, but specifically franchising, allows entrepreneurs to control their career path versus having the market or someone else dictate what their future may hold. Investing in a franchise gives aspiring entrepreneurs a huge advantage –an established system to follow. Investing in a franchise is hard work, but franchisees can achieve a greater sense of work-life balance than in previous career options by following these three steps below that we provides.

3 Ways to Achieve Life Balance through Franchising

  1. Define what work-life balance looks like to you. Work-life balance doesn’t look the same to everyone. To some, it means spending more time with your family. To others, it means not having to work on the weekends. Whatever your sense of work-life balance may look like, it’s important to establish what it means to you. Identifying what an ideal work-life balance looks like can help you recognize when you have achieved it or if you simply are working too hard. You have to decide you want your life to look like, and then figure out how you are going to get there.
  2. Construct boundaries. This is oftentimes the hardest step in achieving work-life balance. We come from a nation of workaholics, and taking a stand to declare that you will balance your personal and professional life takes guts. Establishing that you want to achieve work-life balance is the first step, and this entails setting clear boundaries. You have to decide upfront the hours that you are willing to work and put boundaries, because if, by nature you just like to work, you’ll work 24/7 and not think of the time you could have spent with family and friends.
  3. Recognize you don’t have to do it all alone. When running a franchise, many franchisees think that the fate of the business lies in their hands and have a hard time letting go of control. However, running a franchise isn’t a one-man-show. After all, isn’t that why you hire employees? Entrepreneurs need to divide and conquer so they can be strategic in how their business operates. Hiring the right people to help you run your franchise is key, and once you build a team you can trust you can begin to delegate.

Truly achieving work-life balance is a process and may take time, but once it has been achieved entrepreneurs can reap the benefits of having more time to do what they love and spend with their loved ones. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can achieve work-life balance through investing in a franchise.

Michle John

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